New Location

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PART ONE: CONCEPTION – We found its new location (December 2016) One year ago, it opened up to me to finally start writing a series of books on how to start a home-based spa business. Eight years prior, upon completing a one year coaching program, my coach encouraged me to write a series of books. […]

Dry Skin

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Tis the season, for dry skin to feel even drier. Even normal or oily skin can feel drier, stripped of its essential lipids (oil). We are turning on our furnaces and car heaters. Taking hotter showers can also melt the precious oils from our skin. Too many exfoliating treatments or products can leave your skin […]

Sleevey Wonders

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Magically transform your outfit into something new with Sleevey Wonders! Sleevey Wonders are made to wear under sleeveless tops and strapless dresses as a creative solution for women who don’t love the look of the bare arm. From long sleeved mesh, to 3/4 sleeve jersey, you can find a style to perfectly match your fashion […]

Pigmentation – Melasma

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Formation of melanin (brown spots) is entirely dependent on UVR exposure and stimulated by UVR.  The enzyme, tyrosinase plays a key role in melanin synthesis. Tyrosinase needs an oxidizing atmosphere to work, that’s why antioxidants (in skin care) are so good. Melasma is a skin pigmentation that masks the face in pigmented mascules usually seen […]