Meet Susan


Expert Aesthetician & Founder of Temple of Beauty Facial Boutique

“Esthetique” in Greek is 'lover of beauty'. I believe that every woman's inner beauty is meant to be seen - her mystery unveiled.

My passion for beautiful skin is a result of my own 20-year struggle with acne, pigmentation and deep scarring. In building Temple of Beauty in 2001, my mission was to not only clear my own skin, but to also make a difference for others by providing in-depth assessments, individualized skin care strategies, and education.

In this, I love to put my training and research of skin and skin care into form - by sharing my knowledge, expertise, and techniques, and by helping many of you with your skin concerns.

As of May 1, 2022 I will continue serving and supporting you through 'dermaviduals' skincare and closing the doors to services as I will be moving out of town.  I will be available to discuss any skin issues and drop-ship your personalized home care products.  I look forward to the continued support in your journey to beautiful skin!

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