Celebrating 20 Years in Business

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Anniversaries are a time to reflect and celebrate.  When I reflect, twenty years have happened so fast. Although when I take a step back, so much has happened both personally and professionally.   Starting a business is no small task.   And I started with no business knowledge, no clients, and no money.   Besides […]

Clinic of the Month

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  Nov 12, 2020 / Post by by Rene Serbon A few weeks ago I had the privilege to interview one of my longest-standing clients, the owner of Temple of Beauty Facial Boutique, Susan Gretzinger. Susan is a veteran in the industry. I want to share with you a little bit about her journey in running her […]

The Formation of Acne

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Blackheads Within our follicle come hair and sebaceous (oil) glands. When the oil fills the mouth of the follicle and plugs the entrance, we develop blackheads (comedones).  It turns black when the oil oxidizes with UV light and turns the oil dark. Generally, there is no infection happening so it is not a problem.   […]

Mother’s Day

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Life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a mother. Take part in our Instagram Giveaway! Head over to our Instagram page by clicking here. We are giving away a Weekly Boost Duo, valued at $198. What’s included: Peeling Cream – $89  Gentle exfoliation and cleanser with” Jojoba beads” in a DMS cream base […]

My Story

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I’ve always felt a strong attraction to the beauty industry, even as a small girl. During my teens and up to my mid-thirties, I struggled with acne, scarring, and pigmentation. When I decided to enroll in esthetic school in my late thirties, I wanted to learn all I could to have beautiful skin and help […]

Does your skin care have silicones?

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Why you want to stay away from this nasty ingredient! Here are some reasons you may wish to eliminate silicones from your skin care routine and see an improved complexion. Dimethicone being the most common silicone used. Like plastic wrap, silicones form a barrier on your skin, trapping debris in your pores, like oils, impurities, […]

Cleansing or Harming?

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Cleansing Milk with DMS®️ is our BEST SELLER!!   Why? Especially for those with skin issues? What makes this product so unique?👌 How will your skin be smoother, softer and with a healthy glow?🌟 Most IMPORTANTLY, let’s talk about what it does NOT contain: zero preservatives zero fragrances zero mineral oils zero emulsifiers zero parabens […]