Cleansing or Harming?

Cleansing Milk with DMS®️ is our BEST SELLER!!

Cleansing Milk with DMS available at Temple of Beauty Facial Boutique


Why? Especially for those with skin issues?
What makes this product so unique?👌
How will your skin be smoother, softer and with a healthy glow?🌟

Most IMPORTANTLY, let’s talk about what it does NOT contain:
zero preservatives
zero fragrances
zero mineral oils
zero emulsifiers
zero parabens (many linked to breast cancer)
zero amines (triethanolamine or diethanolamine – carcinogenic nitrosamines

Take out your current skincare products, look up the ingredients using Google search and you will discover what you are putting on your skin.

Some ingredients you want to stay away from, especially if your skin is suffering, are:

X Sodium lauryl sulfate (linked to cancer, neurotoxicity, organ toxicity, skin irritation and endocrine disruption)
X Propylene glycol or PEG (itching and tenderness in skin)
X Sodium Laureth Sulfate (redness to skin)
X Methylparaben (irritations)
X Propylparaben (can cause an overabundance of estrogen watch in sunlight and with acne)
X Butylparaben (inflammation, blisters, rashes)
X Dimethicone (traps bacteria, skin oils and other skin impurities – a no-no for acne, blackhead prone skin)
X Artificial dyes that are #4 and #5
X Benzyl – or sodium benzoate
X Fragrances / Parfum

…Just to name a few.

3 thoughts on “Cleansing or Harming?

  1. I have sensitive rosacea skin and I have been dealing with lupus. Where can I purchase the dermaivduals cleansing milk cleanser?

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