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For over 20 years, we've transformed skin issues to beautiful glowing complexions through bio-compatible skin care products and signature facials.

We assess and monitor using result-tracking technology, craft personalized skin care strategies, and share our expert knowledge to empower you.



New to Temple of Beauty Facial Boutique?

We suggest that new clients choose between the two packages below. Each of these packages includes a consultation to go over your unique needs and a Observ® Diagnostic Assessment.

Step 1: Skin Analysis and Consultation

During the Skin Analysis and Consultation, we will discuss your daily routine, past treatments, and skin concerns to improve the health and beauty of your skin. Your goals will be considered and may vary from correcting past damage, maintaining a healthy complexion or to prevent aging skin.

Step 2: Observ® Diagnostic Assessment

Next, using the Observ® device, we can determine the current reality of your skin. Many skin conditions that surface in time originate from the deeper skin layers and are difficult to diagnose with the naked eye. The Observ® exposes those conditions by skin fluorescence and polarized light illumination technologies that are completely unique to the Observ® device.

Step 3: Track Improvements

Throughout your strategy, we track improvements and make adjustments as necessary for proven results. You get to see the results your treatment plan is producing!

The Packages

Deluxe Introductory Facial Package

Skin Analysis and Consultation
Observ® Diagnostic Assessment
Advanced Renewal Facial (1 hour)

2.5 hours | $268  ($59 savings)

Introductory Facial Package

Skin Analysis and Consultation
Observ® Diagnostic Assessment
Glow & Go Facial (30 minutes)

2 hours | $235  ($42 savings)

Meet your Aesthetician


Expert Aesthetician & Founder of Temple of Beauty Facial Boutique

“Esthetique” in Greek is 'lover of beauty'. I believe that every woman's inner beauty is meant to be seen - her mystery unveiled.

My passion for beautiful skin is a result of my own 20-year struggle with acne, pigmentation and deep scarring. In building Temple of Beauty in 2001, my mission was to not only clear my own skin, but to also make a difference for others by providing in-depth assessments, individualized skin care strategies, and education.

In this, I love to put my training and research of skin and skin care into form - by sharing my knowledge, expertise, and techniques, and by helping many of you with your skin concerns.

Ready to gain control of your skin?