In-depth Assessments

Temple of Beauty In-Depth Assessments


We go through many changes in our skin, especially as women!
I’ve designed the key steps to start your journey:

Skin Analysis and Consultation
Observ® Assessment
Customized Facial
Daily Home Care

What you use daily will greatly impact your skin! Receive my recommendations for your personalized daily home care.

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What we offer

Skin Analysis & Consultation

For the maximum benefit from facials to home care, it is essential to discuss your daily routine, past treatments and skin concerns to improve the health and beauty of your skin. Your goals will be considered and may vary from correcting past damage, maintaining a healthy complexion or to prevent aging skin.

1 hour | $99 | Recommend: initial facial visit

Observ® Diagnostic Device

Using the Observ® device, our assessment determines the current reality of your skin. Many skin conditions that surface in time originate from the deeper skin layers and are difficult to diagnose with the naked eye. The OBSERV® exposes those conditions by skin fluorescence and polarized light illumination technologies that are completely unique to the OBSERV® device. By using the OBSERV®, we can perform a profound assessment of your skin, diagnosing, treating, and preventing conditions before they arise.

Throughout your skin care journey, we track improvements and make adjustments as necessary for proven results. You get to see the results your treatment plan is producing!

30 minutes |  $79 | Recommend: every 6-12 months at $49 (depending on treatments)

What’s Next

Start your journey to beautiful skin