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Is it really true? Am I seriously turning 60?  How did that happen?


Wow yes, I am!

How I see it, turning 60 has nothing to do with my age and everything to do with my attitude. To what is ahead of me.

It is definitely a reflective time.  Looking back to where I was and where I’ve come.


Pondering back even 30 years ago, I don’t feel like the same person.
Huge milestones for me when I look back were:

Raising a family. That went by way too quickly!

Going to esthetic school at age 39, thinking I was too old, to follow a childhood dream. Then developing it into a business was also a dream of mine.

A lovely opportunity at 60, as a woman, is to be in the wisdom I’ve come into.  To share it will all the lovely younger sisters I have. Sisterhood is sharing, edifying, and encouraging each other, have never felt so strong as now.

By 60 there are many reflections of grief and joy, the changes and up-heavels.  There were moments of sheer joy and of deep sadness. Experiencing a number of family and friends dying makes life more precious, sacred, and holy.

Through our sorrows, are opportunities to ‘break open’ and blossom. Like the bud of a rose opening into its beautiful divine radiance.  To see the real truth of this life versus playing the victim and spiraling down. ‘Breaking open’ is also like a transition of a caterpillar to a butterfly.

I want to look forward not backward.  I look forward in wonder what the next 10 or 20 years will bring.

I have no desire to become a cartoon-like grumpy old woman. There is still so much life and explore and be in.

I am keenly aware of things deteriorating and the importance of keeping my muscles and body strong and fit.  The batteries of energy are definitely slowing down. And taking care of my health feels even more important.

Doing what you love is top of my list.  More enjoyment of each moment, of each day that turn into years.

There seems like more of a sense of freedom at this age, that brings joy. Just like when I was very small.

I see the value in not spending any time on worry, especially the things we cannot change.

I look forward to:

…. old friendships blossoming and becoming even sweeter,
…. including all the beautiful clients that I have the privilege of knowing,
…. the new friendships to be made,
…. new adventures to be had,
…. new experiences to enjoy and so many new things to learn.

The times we are in now are ‘Unknown’.  I see the potential, the possibilities, and the opportunities.  Moving in what is clear and ready to be flexible in all the changes that can happen.  Simply change course and keep going.

Whatever life brings, getting this far and facing 60 has shown me that I can survive and even thrive, however, tough the challenges.

Being 60?
Bring it on,
I’m ready and excited.
And ready to serve in my passions!

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