Celebrating 20 Years in Business

Anniversaries are a time to reflect and celebrate.  When I reflect, twenty years have happened so fast. Although when I take a step back, so much has happened both personally and professionally.


Starting a business is no small task.


And I started with no business knowledge, no clients, and no money.


Besides the work involved, when you start from your passion, it carries you through.


I knew I needed to grow and develop to be a businesswoman.  I traveled to spas all over the world, took many courses, hiring coaches, and reading amazing books. Putting it all into practice has brought me to where I am today.


When reflecting back, deciding to start is the first step.


Operating a business for 20 years requires determination, tenacity, perseverance, and persistence through the good and the difficult. I have to say my passion is what trumps it all.


While these are all traits that kept me going, something else has motivated my perseverance.  What has given me such fulfillment in what I do, is the beautiful connections with clients I’ve gotten to know and serve. Through self-care and all the services, I have offered, I have loved how friendships have developed.


Through thousands of clients and in all the services, Temple of Beauty is more than the treatments clients come for.  We connect on levels and share our experiences along with life’s joys and challenges.  All the while supporting each other to shed the old we do not need and what isn’t working to live for the highest good.

When we inspire another, we both go higher.


I couldn’t be more thrilled and happy to have served thousands of women, men, and young adults on their journey to all sorts of beauty and what that means to each one.


There is no question, I love beauty!


I couldn’t have chosen a better name than “Temple of Beauty”.


There are different levels of beauty but the beauty that touches us most is inner beauty. I love seeing this inner beauty in each of you, it touches me.


I have also thoroughly enjoyed supporting each individual client on your journey to making you feel and look beautiful on the outside as well.


You are a ‘temple of beauty’ and I look forward to what is next!


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