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A few weeks ago I had the privilege to interview one of my longest-standing clients, the owner of Temple of Beauty Facial Boutique, Susan Gretzinger. Susan is a veteran in the industry. I want to share with you a little bit about her journey in running her own business over the last 20 years in the skincare industry.

Read on to see why Susan is amazing at what she does and what it takes to still be standing in this industry after two decades. (And hey, if you’ve got time, tune into the full video at the bottom of this blog.)

Take yourself back to the very beginning… What were things like for you and your business 10 years ago? Before Dermaviduals?

Well, before Dermaviduals and I met you and got to know you more when we took the Pastiche Advanced Skin Analysis course in Calgary in 2009. I followed you and what you were doing in the industry.  You were like a star in my world and I was essentially following you wherever you went.

When I started my business 20 years ago, I wanted nice skin. I had acne for over 20 years and I finally went into the industry I dreamed of since I was a little girl.

I originally started as a full menu day spa loving offering it all.  Not knowing what I liked most.  After 17 years, I moved from a home-based business and rebranded to a facial boutique. A niche to do what I’ve always loved doing.  I rebranded to Temple of Beauty Facial Boutique.

So, do you remember the moment in time that you decided you were going to switch things up and introduce Dermaviduals into your business? 

It was a few different reasons. When I saw the list of all the zeros, zero preservatives, zero emulsifiers, zero colourants, zero fragrance, zero mineral oil, zero silicones, and zero amines opened my interest to learn more.

When I saw that list, it made me go, “oh,  what are those? When you’ve got a company that lists what they don’t include in them, you pay attention.

I then started researching and looking at what those were.  I started to see that so many companies would have emulsifiers or silicones, or mineral oils or preservatives, contained in their skincare. So it was largely the ingredients. And really, I’ve always trusted you, and especially Florence.  When you both endorsed Dermaviduals that way, I paid attention.

It is a big step and no small thing to invest, and change a skincare line. I bring my clients with me in this change.  Also, the investment is often $6000 to$10,000 to move over to a different line. So, I don’t take it lightly myself.

If you think back over a number of years, what is the impact that making the change to Dermaviduals has made for your business?

One by one clients were coming back saying that their skin is smoother, they feel a softness to their skin. There were a couple of the clients that preferred the previous line, but collectively the impact has been outstanding.

After one facial or after getting on the line, they return and we do a happy dance because the results are amazing. This has given me a lot of confidence in offering them healthier skin. It’s brought loyal clients; they don’t want to go anywhere else. So, it’s really impacted my business.

I’ve posted a little quote on my Instagram, beautiful skin equals confidence. And that’s the one thing I’ll hear over and over from clients. When their skin is healthier, and they don’t have the issues they had, whether it’s rosacea or acne or whatever, they have more confidence. I also have confidence in my clients’ results.

Some people respond really quickly to any skincare line, and others see a slow and steady improvement. Do you find or is there any correlation between a slow and steady improvement in their skin, and the sustained skin results one gets over time? 

I’ve had a couple of clients with difficult skin move to a skincare line cheaper. Within a year later, they’re coming back saying “I haven’t found anything that works quite like Dermaviduals”.

I tell clients, you don’t get what you pay. I’ve seen products that are more expensive but it doesn’t mean that you’re going to get the results because of the price.

I encourage clients, it’s the ingredients that count.  Letting them know to Google search the ingredients to your product line. Look closely at those ingredients and ask, “Is that something you want to have on your skin?” Is it drying out your skin? Is it clogging your pores? Especially for people with acne, if they’re using makeup or moisturizer with silicones, it’s like plastic wrap on the skin and their skin can’t breathing and flow properly.

You’ve operated in both a home space and a commercial space successfully. Looking back do you prefer one over the other? What insight can you shed on your experience? 

I see the pros and cons of both. When I was in my home-based business, I got a lot more done at home because when I had the slow times, I could throw in a load of laundry or start dinner.  But I also started my business with my boys at home so they had to be quiet, keep the house clean.

What I’m loving right now (working out of the boutique) is that I go to work and at the end of the day I close the door and go home. So, I feel like the biggest difference for me is to be able to separate work from home life.

So, you have to have your presence online in order to be found. How do you keep up with the demands of websites, social media, branding, etc?

Before I moved to the commercial space, I hired somebody who helped me rebrand and create the niche for a facial boutique. I think what makes me really unique is you don’t see very many facial boutiques. One client came in and told me they were Googling and the one place that had a facial boutique was in New York. When they came back to Alberta, they googled ‘facial boutique’ and I was the only one that came up. So, I feel that it is nourishing, fresh, and unique for a brand.

What advice would you give somebody who is thinking about bringing in Dermaviduals to their business?

I would tell them it’s a no-brainer. I wouldn’t even hesitate to recommend bringing in Dermaviduals to their clinic. In fact, I keep wondering “I hope Rene doesn’t stop doing this or I hope this doesn’t leave Canada because Corneotherapy wouldn’t be the same without it.”

It is definitely the way to go. It really is. If you want to help people with their skin, Dermaviduals is the line.

You can connect with Susan Gretzinger on Instagram or by email at with any questions. Temple of Beauty Facial Boutique is located in St. Albert, Alberta.

Congratulations again on your many years in business and here’s to the continued success of you and Temple of Beauty Facial Boutique.

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