A Blast From My Past

Who was this young woman Susan Gretzinger, at age 20?

She was just a few years into womanhood…

She was discovering that she had dreams.

She had passions.

She had courage but suppressed so much of her fire.

She was brought up in a religious and patriarchal society and it framed her etiquette of pleasure.

She wanted to appease all of the men in her life.

Her father, her brother, her husband.

She wanted her mother to be pleased with her.

She was raised to please others but didn’t know how to extend pleasure to herself.

She learned to look outside of herself for validation and acceptance.

Forward 20 years later….

She attuned herself back to her center.

To the faint pulse of a strong passion, she had had since the age of 9…

Her longing to be in the beauty industry.

And so, at the age of 39….

She didn’t tell anyone that she was going for it.

She registered in the school of aesthetics!

She was taking the steps to take her place in the beauty biz.

And she was pleased.

At the age of 40…

The Temple of Beauty began with a provocative logo that shook at the shackles of her outdated beliefs.

The radiant Goddess within herself woke up exclaiming with a big resounding, “YES!  LOVE IT!”

Pure pleasure and delight, to be sure.


Temple of Beauty is a platform for many women and men to celebrate the radiant goddess inside.

To Unveil our Mysteries, to ourselves and others.

To emerge with beautiful skin.

To honor self-care and self-love.

And to radiate our passions to the world.

Temple of Beauty has been a vehicle for me to blossom and to inspire others to blossom in their divine radiance.  I am so excited for the next chapter to unfold in perfect harmony with my inner goddess.

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