Dry Skin in April?

I am writing about dry skin here in April as every year in March and April, clients come in wondering why their skin is extra dry and the weather is warming up?  After 6 months of dry-colder outside, dry-warm inside weather, our skin absorbs our environment, or I should say our environment absorbs our moisture. Which gives the cumulative effect of dry skin. 

I love the fact that we can customize your moisturizer by adding appropriate serums and active concentrates to address and turn around this dryness.  

8 other key reasons why our skin can be dry, especially right now:


Genetics play a big role in our predisposition to what we come into this world with.  I had oily, large pores, and acne for almost 20 years of which my mother and her father had as well. Take a look at your parents and grandparents to see if they had dry skin.


As we age our skin naturally tends to become dry as hormones, life, stress, medications, weather, etc. play a natural part in this.

Low lipid production

Those who have dryer skin will have little to no visible pore size. This is due to fewer oil secretions from the follicle. Often the fine lines appear sooner so taking care of using proper hydration and moisturizers is very important in the long term. Those of us who have more oil production within our skin often don’t have this dryness issue.

Dehydration is often misunderstood for dry skin

 You can have acne and high oil content along with the surface flaking and peeling.  This is often due to either lack of drinking enough water, our dry weather, or harsh ingredients in products that dry out the skin. Even if you have oily skin, your skin needs the right balance with proper healthy oils.

Alberta weather

The dry cold outdoors and forced warm air indoors play a huge role in our skin drying out. Alberta is one of the driest provinces.  Our product distributor says she sells the most of richer moisturizers, hand creams, and body creams to Alberta. Have you noticed when you travel to higher humid climates, you don’t need the same amount of moisturizers if any?  I guess one of the cons of living in Alberta.😕

Ingredients can dry out your skin 

Many products use cheaper synthetic and artificial ingredients that cause a wash-out effect.  These ingredients can build up within the skin dissolving your precious oils. When water comes in contact with your skin, it will give the washes-out effect.  This, in turn, counteracts or even ruins the desired effects of nourishment and moisturizing, leaving you with a disordered lipid barrier to your skin.

Poor lymphatic and circulatory systems

Any type of exercise will increase the oxygen and your lymphatic system by the simple increase of breath. Whatever you enjoy and is best for you and your body, do it to help the circulatory and lymphatic increase, it will show in your skin.😅

Probably the most likely reason:

Essential Fatty Acid Deficiency (EFAD)

Our skin is made up of EFA.  Using skincare that includes Essential Fatty Acids, will greatly increase your own natural lipid structure, increasing its radiance and health.  Often dry skin will also show itself as an EFAD with a diffused redness within their complexion.

YES, we are aging!  YES, we have challenges with our hormones and our health over the years! BUT if we feed our skin what it needs, it will give us a healthy return. A comment I receive from clients when they return to say that their skin is smoother and softer.  

What I recommend for dry skin:

👍Cleansing Milk (gentle formulation to mimic and nurture),

👍Face Lotion M (a toning lotion that beautifully increases hydration), 

👍Day Cream Plus (daily moisturizer with SPF 30 and creams to prevent further aging) 

👍High Classic Plus ( which we can add serums/concentrates to increase moisture)

Like one young man, age 39, I can call him young😉 came in to have some treatments and start on the product, said, “There is no t-shirt that can cover this face”.  I completely agree and in our world of dermaviduals®, this product is like wearing a t-shirt – to protect, prevent, and give it radiance.

Warmer outside weather is just around the corner😍

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