Dry Skin Treatments & Skin Care

Dry skin may be caused by:

  • Essential Fatty Acid Deficiency (EFAD)
  • Menopause
  • Inappropriate skin care routine (foe example, over cleansing and over exfoliating)
  • Inappropriate product choices (ingredients in skin care products and makeup that dry the skin such as emulsifiers, preservatives, silicones ( i.e. Dimethicone) mineral oils, and fragrances)
  • Lifestyle choices or conditions (indoor heating, air-conditioning, climate changes)
  • Medical conditions and medications
  • Genetics
  • Dry skin is a result of low oil (lipids) naturally occurring in your skin. Dry skin typically needs richer bio-idential lipids to support this low oil content.
  • Dry skin can be caused by poor lymphatic and circulatory systems

How to counter these effects:

  • Restore the skins multi-lamellae structure (top important layer of skin, like the roof to your house, that prevents evaporation of water)
  • Restore sebum (oil) production of your skin with bio-compatible lipids that mimic your natural oils
  • Replace the skin’s natural moisturizers instead of washing them away (synthetic fillers in products can wash away healthy oils in the skin when removed by water)
  • Avoid emulsifiers, preservatives, silicones, and other disruptive ingredients so your skin can repair and be restored to a healthy balance

Which treatments we recommend:

  • Our Introductory Facial Packages: Using the non-invasive OBSERV device, we can see beneath the surface of your skin, its oil content, where and the amount of dryness in your skin, any inflammation, texture issues, and sun damage. Next, an in-depth consultation will allow us to discuss and take a close look at your history of skin care rituals, products, health, habits, and lifestyle to see where adjustments and suggestions can make a huge difference. Following these two crucial assessments, a facial will treat your skin and target exactly what you need to focus on to increase hydration and oil content. Finally, a treatment plan customized to your needs will be provided that outlines our recommendation for products and frequency of future facials.
  • Facials: Dry skin demands treatments and ingredients with high-quality creams and without emulsifiers to support intensive recovery from dry, lifeless skin. Gentle removal of unwanted and dry skin increases the water-binding capacity (hydration) and supports low-fat skin with richer lipids to prevent and protect the skin from our dry harsh weather and heated/air-conditioned homes. It is important to help accelerate the skins regeneration process to avoid rough, cracked, and itchy skin and to enable proper ingredients to penetrate the skin, which prevents germs from intruding. With several masks to choose from, we can help support your journey from dryness to a radiant glow.


Product Recommendations:

There are too many ingredients that dry out the skin and leave it lifeless and dull. It is particularly important to choose products that mimic the lipid structure of your skin so you can maintain and improve its texture and protective layer.

  • Cleansing – our dermaviduals® Cleansing Milk with DMS (Dermal Membrane Structure) mimics, nourishes and gives your skin rich lipids to treat dryness.
  • Toning – this step is particularly important as toners help to increase the hydrating capacity of your skin and improve its ability to absorb the moisturizer you use next.
  • Moisturizing – dermaviduals® offers a beautiful base cream that we can add rich lipids and concentrates to give your skin the smooth, hydrated and creamy skin you’re looking for.
  • Makeup – it's important not to use makeup with talc as it absorbs oils on your skin. Your makeup will look even better when the skin beneath it is hydrated and nourished.


Benefits of using our Dry Skin treatment and dermaviduals® skin care plan:

  • Hydrates and plumps the skin
  • Reduces dryness and itching
  • Soothes and calms
  • Protects the skin
  • No harmful ingredients that can dry out your skin

What’s Next

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