When choosing a skincare line for Temple of Beauty, three words helped us to find and decide on dermaviduals®:

  1. Purity – of ingredients
  2. Integrity – within the company and formulators!
  3. Results – in our skin issues!

A tall order to find all three in a skincare line but one we weren't willing to compromise on.

Unlike many skin care formulations, dermaviduals® has:

  • ZERO Emulsifiers
  • ZERO Preservatives
  • ZERO Perfumes
  • ZERO Mineral Oils
  • ZERO Silicones
  • ZERO Colorants
  • ZERO Amines

The dermaviduals® skincare line is based on the science of restoring and maintaining healthy skin on all levels, a concept called corneotherapy [Korn-ee-oh-ther-uh-pee].

Think of Corneotherapy like the roof to your house, it is the roof to your skin. This top layer protects your skin from unwanted irritants, antigens, and environmental factors that leave your skin dry, dull, lifeless and even compromised. It is the best place to start to repair and restore your protective barrier to the layers below.

dermaviduals® is designed to optimally maintain the natural skin barrier and prevent premature aging.

Susan Gretzinger, Founder of Temple of Beauty Facial Boutique


Step One: Cleansing

DERMAVIDUALS® Cleansing Gel and Milk

Step Two: Toning


Step Three: Moisturize

Base Cream

dermaviduals® Base Creams can be mixed with a
selection of over 35 active agent concentrates,
personalized to care for your individual skin concerns
and what seasonal climate we need to adjust for.


Day Cream

Day Cream is our Sun Cream 15, 30 and 50.  They contain DMS® components and sun protection screens against UVA and UVB radiation. UVA rays ages our skin, causing the damage in the lower dermis layer and UVB rays burn our skin on the surface epidermis layer.  Therefore, it is important to have both UVA and UVB protection.



Weekly Boost

DMS® Peeling Cream, is  based on the DMS® cream, therefore we can speak of exfoliation and cleansing in one step.  Jojoba beads with their typical rubbing effect gently remove the tiny dead skin scales from the skin surface, leaving your skin radiant and smooth.

Vitamin Cream Mask and DMS® Mask with Vitamins contains the vitamins A, C, E, provitamin B5 (panthenol) together with DMS® components as well as essential fatty acids.  Free of emulsifiers, these leave on masks support intensive recovery, prevent vitamin deficiency symptoms of the skin and are effective for 72 hours.


Roxanne Olsen



Ready to experience dermaviduals®?

dermaviduals® is available for purchase at our location.