Part One: Conception of the New Temple of Beauty

One year ago, it opened up to me to finally start writing a series of books on how to start a home-based spa business. Eight years prior, upon completing a one year coaching program, my coach encouraged me to write a series of books. It was suggested that I share my knowledge, research and all my secrets in creating and developing a successful home-based spa business. I wasn’t ready at the time, however the idea never left me and the timing to start was ripe.

I love when the timing is ripe and one is open, how synchronicity happens. Last spring I met a beautiful editor and creative writing coach, Susan Beach. I invited a meeting together and through this meeting, it was clear, the time is now. So I started writing, even though I felt anything but a writer, she strongly encouraged me.  She sweetly complimented and inspired me upon reading some of my writings.

It was within the same month I started writing that I came home to my husband with a very clear direction for us to sell everything and purchase a high rise condo to live! It was clear for us to live simpler and with more meaning together, on many levels in our lives at the moment. To my surprise the next day he came home and told me he loved the idea. I could write a book on the following ten months of this journey!

With this move, meant I needed to find a home for Temple of Beauty. For us, this was always crucial and to consider every option. It was like walking in the dark or driving in the fog. All I could see was one step in front and most times I couldn’t even see the next step. What carried me all along the way was the clarity that I initially had in downsizing and moving to a simpler life of a condo.

Another analogy is walking through a labyrinth. Moving in a direction, only to find a fork or a T junction, trusting and discerning a language inside that gave us direction to the next step.

The beautiful togetherness and dearness in our relationship was like never before and such a breath of fresh air. Yet like the weather, there were sunny days, stormy days, dull days and dark and foggy days. I diligently looked at many options and locations wondering where the new home for Temple of Beauty will be?  This took on many twists and turns and I learned to really listen to what my body was telling me. I clearly discovered that in all the choosing I do, when I listened to the subtleties inside, my body responded with a yes or a no or a not sure, which I’ve discovered to do nothing.

One day in December 2016, after a dear client left, knowing I was looking for a location and undoubtedly wanted me to stay in St. Albert, they emailed me with a location downtown St. Albert. Asking if I had seen this place for sale above the La Crema Caffé? I hadn’t and instantly got excited as our residential high rise condo search brought us back to a condo downtown St. Albert. Staying close to where it became clear to continue Temple of Beauty. We called our realtor and made an appointment to go see this condo. Through ‘serious moving forward’ negotiations and then due diligence we decided to just put it aside and keep looking. A few more options came up in the spring, all amazing learning experiences of purchasing versus leasing and all the fundamental details of both. I decided to make some calls at a preferred location, not listed for sale and to my surprise they actually wanted to sell! After four weeks of harmonious agreement, it took a 180 degree turn and the other party changed their minds on selling.

When one door closes, another one opens. Or again, it was like walking in the labyrinth.  Another magical moment came when the realtor above the La Crema Caffé called us the next day encouraging us to make them another offer.  We settled on an agreement and Temple of Beauty found its new home! The start of another journey.

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