PART TWO: Gestation – Tearing out the Old and Planning the New

Just one week in from possession of the new  space for Temple of Beauty, it feels like learning to surf. One moment I am riding the wave, taking a deep breath feeling on top of the world. The next moment I’m tumbling under the water not knowing which way is up and I wonder if I’ll make it. The next moment, I’m hitting the coral and feeling the pain.  Resurfacing and again riding the wave, not giving up and trying again. Sometimes wondering why I am doing this?  Just one week in, it has been such a stretch in me in so many ways, on so many levels.

I’ve been excited, surprised and overwhelmed with all the details to consider.  Just one week in and the intensity of choosing paint colors, room design, doors, door handles,  door-ways, signage, windows, increasing the ceiling height, ceiling tiles, light fixtures,  bathroom fixtures, washer and dryer, what to keep and what to sell and give-away. Probably the most important aspect for me is the flow of experience at Temple of Beauty. Each detail of your and my experience seems to be on the top of my list.  As I mentioned in the previous blog, I’ve learned to listen to the subtleties of my body and it has been quite clear to the smallest detail of even choosing paint. Listen to others, be completely open to anything and everything, taking it all in and stepping back to listen inside. This has been my barometer and a new way of being in all of this.

It is like putting a puzzle together. Looking at each shape and what is on the piece to find where it fits. Bringing the picture together, into form is a real satisfying creative journey. Like doing a puzzle, at times it can be a bit much, focusing and staring too long. Knowing when to just step back and even walk away. When you come back, you are rested with a renewed insight and clearer thought.

The times when I am in the midst of overwhelm and even frustration, I simply breathe, relax and drop into a deeper stillness. A beautiful clearness of what matters most happens. Or like in doing a puzzle, you clearly see the piece where it belongs. This is when decisions flow.  I found that even after a break, if the clarity isn’t there to just wait, do nothing with it and in a matter of time, the clarity to shows itself. This is revealing the beautiful mystery of creating.

So just after one week in, it is all coming together. I have a wonderful contractor, Marco, whom loves to say “yes we can do that” to any of my little hearts desires.  We have the sweetest and most amazing painter, Roget and my husband Ray, jack of all trades, willing to do and learn anything and so particular to detail, all working in their creativity and talent to unveil the new Temple of Beauty.

Surfing isn’t so bad!  Or maybe I’m just riding the wave.

4 thoughts on “PART TWO: Gestation – Tearing out the Old and Planning the New

  1. So awesome! We are so happy for you both and can’t wait to see it!! With your amazing style and taste, I have no doubt it will be amazing❤️

  2. I just read your blog and testimonials Susan. I remember when you were strongly considering going to school to become professional in the field you were already so knowledgeable and passionate about. Good for you for following your heart through all the trials and resistances. This is a service of your love and it seems many feel it and are remade under your gentle and sincere care.

    1. I remember going to your celebration with Ted after registering for schooling. I remember how sweetly supportive and encouraging you were with me to go for it. That seems like a few life times ago already. You were a huge part of my life and you are as dear now as you always have been. Thank you again for your presence in entering the next phase. I love you!

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