PART THREE: The Mystery of Labor

The natural phase after conception and gestation is labor. The mystery of this phase never ceases to amaze me. The mystery is unknown yet somehow deep within, it is known. In creating this next phase for Temple of Beauty, this labor phase fits appropriately.

Labor is exciting, scary and painful. This is it! The time has come for this new birth to take place. A new life has taken form on the inside and ready to manifest. As in labor of a pregnancy, this labor phase of business takes courage and clarity into what I don’t see, yet I know deep within. When labor starts, it’s happening, you’re committed, and you just need to move in the natural, strong and sweet feminine power to make it all happen. Bringing to form what is naturally inevitable and ripe.

Exciting, for this birth is the unveiling of a new addition to you and everyone involved. In preparation, you nurture yourself, ask many questions, do the research to prepare and understand what this is all about. Excitement in what is it going to look like when it’s birthed? Everyone waits in excitement and enthusiasm. You dream, plan, wonder, hope of this new creation taking place. As I have been moving step by step in creating the new next phase for Temple of Beauty as in a pregnancy, the anticipation is its mystery.

Scary as there are many unknowns. Even if you have a second or third child, you have no idea how this one will take place and the outcome. Questions arise like birthing your first child, can I do this? Am I going to be a good mother?  I just hope it will be healthy? Will I be able to handle what comes my way? How will this all turn out? Yet realizing all the while it is happening, I can’t stop it now. A woman’s body naturally just takes over and it shows a natural rhythm of life.

To me scary can be a positive or a negative. As usual, I love to look at the positive side of things. The scary has me look into it. The mystery of scary is you need to put a trust in doing all that you can and let go of the outcome. Courage comes from this trust that you can do it. This causes me to seek out the best support, diligently learn all I can of my situation and from all the experts I can find. Still holding my breath and unknown of the outcome, it drives me to stretch and grow from the inside out, no pun intended. This does a number on you but it is actually exhilarating. Ok I’ll admit… I love adventure!

Painful because it asks and requires a lot of hard work to manifest this significance. It seems that growth of most things or to move into something new requires a cost. Perhaps that cost is moving past the familiar to get to another side? The mystery of painful labor is how a woman’s body survives.  There have been moments in this phase of my business, wondering how am I going to survive, can I really do this? The resilience that a woman goes through in this labor experience astonishes me. It is quite a miracle! Then once she sees the precious new life, she forgets about the pain and over time, the body bounces back. She even considers doing this again and again. When I was in full bloom of pregnancy, as well in taking this business to the next, I looked at others who have done the same. They look normal again, looking like it was no problem.  A confidence builds with amazement that this is ok, I can do it!

It is clear to me that in entering labor, it is of utmost importance to have the best support you can. Support that understands you and knows how to help is essential. They know you, care for you and encourage what is taking place in you. Then when you feel like giving up or don’t feel you can do this, these cheerleaders are there to remind you of how you ‘can’ do this.

However, this support is essential, but you have to do the work. In moving through this phase, I realize that I need to be clear and sometimes that clarity isn’t there. In these uncertain times, walking away for a time, letting it go, sleeping on it, asking around, assessing the different angles all contributes to coming closer to my clarity. It is like shaking a tree, all the dead falls out so you can see the health of the tree. As I have mentioned before, when it really comes down to it, I’ve listened with my body. When I listen to my body, and I may write a blog on this one, the answer is there!

Temple of Beauty, just like birthing a baby, is an entity of its own. It has matured and ready to stand solid in its essence, bringing out the beauty in every woman. There is a manifest of a love within that I get to bring and breathe into this business.

In my soon to be released book of ‘My Story’, it has occurred to me that my passion and vision to ‘create’ has been a compass in Temple of Beauty. Bringing into form, though there have been many obstacles and difficulties, an expression that has been alive in me since I was a young girl. It has required me moving past many false beliefs, patterning and conditioning, to move in my clarity and JUST DO IT!

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