We are excited to announce the birth of the new Temple of Beauty.  Her new name is “Temple of Beauty Facial Boutique” and her new catch phrase or tag line is “Unveil Your Mystery”.  Stay tuned to a future blog when I will share in this new corporate messaging and why I have chosen this name and phrase.

The idea of relating this progression to a pregnancy and to write about it comes from the excitement, many questions and anticipation of you, my cherished clients. Many times, it has felt that you are more excited and curious about this development than I have been. Even this can be related to the announcement and anticipation of pregnancy. This is ‘your’ boutique and I am privileged that together we share in all these phases taking place.

Another aspect of sharing in all that is occurring is to inspire you if you are considering whether to move in any new direction.  You may be clear within, even though the surface issues and unknown can be scary. I encourage you to start with the idea, enter the planning phase, and then surround yourself with key and necessary support to help make it happen. Listen to your body; some call it your gut or intuition. Even though it will give you all kinds of emotions and fears, listen to the deepest voice or sense.

The natural progression of the conception of an idea, to the gestation of development, to the intense phase of making it happen all makes it worth it, when you see the new form come to fruition. At this point of development, there is an enormous sigh of relief from the previous stages.  A sense of pride and excitement to share this new form takes over.

After a birth there is a phase of recovering and becoming acquainted to care for what is required in moving forward. One client reminded me that I was having twins, in moving the seventeen year old business into a new and independent facility plus moving our twenty year acreage home into a condo at the same time.  This then felt like I was having twins, while caring for twins at home!  There were days that I wondered how I was going to actually make this all happen. Again, how a woman can feel looking into how she will survive the birth phase.

What carried me through those uncertain times was the deeper clarity inside that was there initially. In this clearness, there were no doubts. It was time!  And we needed to make it happen. I believe that because of this clarity and responding to it, there was so much magic along the way. Magic in how everything came together. The timing, although not always exactly how we thought it should be, in the end fell into perfect place. There was magic in finding exactly what we needed during the construction phase.

Likened to a birth, it is not over, it is just beginning. It is essential I focus and align with all that is required to sustain and grow this beautiful entity.  I look forward in bringing my knowledge and expertise to you so that you may continue to achieve the best complexion and skin you’ve always wanted.  Many of you have obtained amazing results through our dermaviduals® skin care and/or facials.

I invite you to share your successes by leaving a comment here for others who haven’t yet tried our products and facials for their face care wishes.

Enjoy your final days of ‘the summer of 2017’ and I look forward to moving into the next together.

5 thoughts on “PART FOUR: BIRTH OF THE NEW

  1. Congratulations on your new venue! I know it will be a big success. Good luck & hope to come to see around Christmas.

  2. Congratulations Susan…wishing you continued success in your lovely new ” home”.
    Looking forward to coming for a needed facial…will try to book soon. ..warmest regards Faye

  3. I love feeling my glowing skin after having facials from you Susan! I can’t wait to see your new space and I love the location.. see you soon

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