9 Sure Ways to Keep Your Eyes from Ageing

Did you know the eye area ages 5 to 10 times faster than the rest of your face?   The skin around the eye is ‘tissue thin’, dry, folds on itself and has very few oil glands. These factors make it one of the driest areas of your complexion.


1. Stay away from over exposure to sun

Ultra Violet Rays, even small amounts will activate a protein complex which produces large amounts of a protein digesting enzyme (MMP’s). These proteins break down the very fibers they were designed to care for, thus contributing to a breakdown and damage the proteins, collagen and elastin of our skin.

2. Smile 

Smiling will give happy lines as opposed to scowl lines. Our lines show that we have lived, loved and laughed.  Laughing also reduces stress, an added bonus.


3. Ingredients to avoid 

Ingredients in skin care or sun care can enhance and keep our skin young, smooth, and in good condition. But, the wrong ingredients in skin care and sun care can weaken our skin’s intelligent structure, adding to the accelerating ageing process. To maintain a youthful looking eye, I suggest avoiding eye products that are made with talc powder, emulsifiers, dyes, preservatives and fragrances. These ingredients can dehydrate the eye area, breaking down the lipid protective layer of our skin.

4. Look for ingredients that will enhance your skin.

There are specific key ingredients that target the eye area to correct and prevent eye ageing.

  • Humectants such as hyaluronic acid will give improved smoothness to your skin.
  • CoEnzyme Q10 will protect and prevent against oxidative UVA impact. It soaks up scavengers and reduces inflammation.
  • Kigelia is a fruit from Africa giving up to 40% tightening of your skin density. Also an antioxidant to damaging proteins.
  • Skin Caring Lipids like Cuckoo Flower gives your skin 40% increase in skin density.
  • Lady Smock Oil, Olive Oil and Shea Butter are beautiful for your eyes too.
  • Cerimides are key to the physical and water skin barrier function. They are also a part of the protective lipid layer of your skin. They are a natural substitute for emulsifiers preventing many skin disorders.

Dermaviduals® include only the ingredients that will restore and repair the delicate skin around your eyes. Excluding harmful ingredients that can compromise your skins natural health.

5. Don’t over exfoliate

Exfoliating involves the removal of the oldest dead skin cells on the skin’s outermost surface. Exfoliation can be achieved through mechanical or chemical means. Exfoliating too much can lead to striping the lipid protective barrier. This can cause a compromised skin and premature ageing that none of us want.

6. Sunglasses

It is worth paying a little extra for the polarized sunglasses to increase visual comfort. Since your eyes are constantly challenged by glare, it is easier to view bright conditions. They enhance clarity of vision and contrast such as seeing into water. Less straining and/or squinting results in fewer wrinkles.

7. Don’t rub too vigorously

A constant rubbing of the eye area can stretch and pull precious fibers that over time will loosen and give you extra wrinkles. If you have itchy eyes, it may be from allergies or other irritants. Check with your ophthalmologist to find out if there is another reason why your eyes itch. When your eyes are itchy, use a gentle rub with a finger or a cool moist compress to relieve the itch or remove unwanted debris causing the irritation. On occasion, dry eyes simply need a few eye drops.

8. Deep Breathing

When you learn to take deep, slow breaths, your body reacts in many positive ways.  Your muscles relax, and don’t we want our eye muscles to relax? Oxygen delivery improves, giving many benefits to our skin.

Blood pressure lowers and this will give us a more pleasant look in our eyes. Even endorphins are released giving us more vitality in our faces. Detoxification improves, giving our skin a much better color and textures by removing the toxins not necessary.

9. Consistent use of a Dermaroller®

Daily use of a Dermaroller® will help activate your collagen stimulating fibroblast cells that produce collagen and elastin to minimize fine lines and improve your skin texture. I chose the Dermaroller® as it is the only roller approved by Health Canada. You can be assured of a safe and effective at-home treatment.

The eyes are a feature that we can recognize someone however they have aged. There is a saying ‘your eyes are the window to your heart’.  Take care of your heart and let it shine, then take care of the delicate skin of your eyes to preserve their youth.

“The eyes have one language everywhere” George Herbert

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