New Location

PART ONE: CONCEPTION - We found its new location (December 2016)

One year ago, it opened up to me to finally start writing a series of books on how to start a home-based spa business. Eight years prior, upon completing a one year coaching program, my coach encouraged me to write a series of books. It was suggested that... Click here to read the full blog post

PART TWO: GESTATION - Tearing apart and planning (June 27th, 2017)

Just one week in from possession of the new space for Temple of Beauty, it feels like learning to surf. One moment I am riding the wave, taking a deep breath feeling on top of the world. The next moment I’m tumbling under the water not knowing which way is up and I wonder if I’ll make it. The next moment... Click here to read the full blog post

PART THREE: THE MYSTERY OF LABOR - It's just a matter of time (July 2017)

The natural phase after conception and gestation is labor. The mystery of this phase never ceases to amaze me. The mystery is unknown yet somehow... Click here to read the full post


We are excited to announce the birth of the new Temple of Beauty.  Her new name is “Temple of Beauty Facial Boutique” and her new catch phrase or tag line is “Unveil Your Mystery”.  Stay tuned to a future blog when I will share in this new corporate messaging and why I have chosen this name and phrase. Click here to read the full post

2 thoughts on “New Location

  1. Hi Susan congratulations on your new plans. It’s very hard to believe 16 years can go by so fast. I wish you all the best in your new home and spa. I hope to take the time to plan a visit sometime not only to say hi but give myself a little bit of long overdue pampering….

    Take care

    1. Yes, time has gone by so quickly. I would love to see you for both a visit catch up and overdue pampering…. I will do extra pampering for you!

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