Why Say No to Emulsifiers in Skin Care

compromised-skinHave you ever felt that your skin is tight and dry after cleansing?

Or you need to apply your moisturizer twice a day because your skin feels dry?

If so, these are indications of the ‘wash-out’ effect of emulsifiers.  Emulsifiers can impair your trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL) and lipid (oil) dryness.

Emulsifiers are one of the most common formulas in cosmetic products.  Their use is largely unregulated and considered an easy and inexpensive way of combining the oil and water phases of a cream or lotion, so that they don’t separate.

So What’s Wrong with Emulsifiers?

  • The toxic properties of emulsifiers vary by type and can be very irritating to the skin, even more than fragrance or preservatives;
  • Besides, most skin care, even shampoos, body washes, dishwashing liquids and toothpaste contain irritating emulsifiers because of the excellent cleaning properties and high foaming potential.
  • Skin tolerance of these ingredients may vary.
  • Emulsifiers do not lose their emulsifying abilities in the skin, so they give your skin a wash-out effect (washing out the good), especially when your skin comes in contact with water.
  • Emulsifiers alter and lower the ability of our skin barrier to defend itself against outside elements.

The combination of fragile skin and chemicals will aggravate skin disorders.  Barrier-disordered skin problems, such as dermatitis, psoriasis or rosacea do not tolerate conventional creams.  Your skin will show a negative visual appearance, creating inflammation in ways like itchiness, redness and heat.

Emulsifier Free

Once you lose your first line of skin barrier’s defense from the creams with chemical emulsifiers, many creams will just aggravate your skin.

The answer:  Derma membrane structure creams (DMS creams).  They do not contain conventional emulsifiers.   Instead of emulsifiers, DMS creams contain

  • membrane components with a physical structure comparable to skin.
  • essential lipids that mimic the lipid component of the skin.

Much research has gone into the compatibility of these DMS creams to our skin. This approach is called Corneotherapy, and it avoids the conventional additives like emulsifiers, perfumes, mineral oils, silicones, colorants and amines.

Any preventive treatment should focus on maintaining your skin barrier in its most natural condition.  This can be done through external agents that are able to repair your natural barrier and restore its proper balance.  Regularly using these DMS creams will significantly decrease any water loss and increase the hydrating and lipid levels of your skin.

I am thrilled to have found and be associated with this highly advanced and caring technology.  I am excited to share this with as many as I can so we can all have a beautiful glowing complexion.

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4 thoughts on “Why Say No to Emulsifiers in Skin Care

  1. Hello I have been doing research trying to find a product for my face that is call me Emulsifier free. My face is bad. I saw a dermatologist yesterday who put me on a steroid cream for my face and neck. Redness and swelling. Sometimes very Hot. I’ve tried skin Medica products which seem to help more than anything else. Pevonia product. I could use your expertise. Sincerely Denise Colvin

    1. Hi Denise, you most likely have a disrupted skin barrier. This can be a result of what you’ve been using on your skin along with internal factors. Regardless you need to get your lipid barrier healthy with cell viability. Your skin is a living organism constantly growing new cells and shedding. By feeding your skin with what it is made of and what will support it, you can grow healthy new cells, giving you a glowing complexion. It can a bit of time, but I’ve seen many amazing results. Our skincare is a journey and one that I am passionate to be healthy and glowing.

  2. Hello!
    I am 60, looking for a natural face cream; a have no problems with my skin but I want to get away from the regular skincare moisturizer the same way I did with the shampoo. I wanted to try to make it myself but is too much work and the recipes that I have all of them ask for “emulsifier”
    Any suggestion of a Canadian company I can try???
    Thank you

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