Sensitive Skin Treatments & Skin Care

Sensitive skin may be caused by:

  • Genetics can be a major factor. Especially Scandinavian and United Kingdom countries are predisposed to Rosacea and sensitivities.
  • Skin care with harsh artificial or synthetic ingredients will breakdown your protective layer causing 'leaks in the roof' so to speak.
  • The breakdown of your lipid barrier/acid mantle protective layer will cause the penetration of harmful substances and water loss leaving your skin sensitive.
  • Your skin will hit rock bottom if you have not provided sufficient care. The good news is it is repairable.
  • Internal stresses often show themselves in the skin.

Sensitive and irritated skin demands effective first aid measures as it usually dehydrates very fast and thus becomes very sensitive to external influences. Stabilizing the natural hydration balance of the skin and strengthening the skin barrier is what sensitive skin requires.

How to counter these effects:

  • Protect your skin. Your skin is like a bank account. You'll have to maintain it, provide for a positive balance and not deplete it. Dry weather usually reveals whether or not you have saved for a rainy day.
  • Prevent further irritation with a simple skin care regime, perhaps one or two products at a time until it starts to heal and become resiliant.
  • Repair unhealthy compromised skin with ingredients like Urea and Essential Fatty Acids that help the skin barrier to accelerate the regeneration process.
  • Restore cell function.
  • Include ingredients that nourish and heal unhealthy sensitive skin.
  • Add essential fatty acid components for anti-inflammatory properties.


Which treatments we recommend:

  • Our Introductory Facial Packages: Using the non-invasive OBSERV device, we can look beneath the surface of your skin to see the oil content and health of your skin, paying attention to possible inflammation and pigmentation. Next, an in-depth consultation will allow us to discuss and take a close look at your history in regards to skincare rituals, products, health, habits, and lifestyle to see where adjustments and suggestions can make a huge difference. Following these two crucial assessments, a facial will treat your skin and target exactly what you need to focus on for healthy skin. Finally, a treatment plan customized to your needs will be provided that outlines our recommendation for products and frequency of future facials.
  • Facials: Sensitive skin demands gentle caring attention.  To start with, we need to address the skin barrier disruption and compromised protective layer.  We have six masks to choose from and our Pill Mask is one that we can use to soak in healing active concentrates that soothe and calm irritated skin.  We give it to you to take home to continue the benefits in this mask. When I treat sensitive skin, it is best to start slow and most often, less is more until the disrupted skin barrier is turned around.

** Think of rice crispies and rice and what happens when you put water onto either.  Rice crispies will get soggy, this is comparable to sensitive and compromised skin barrier.  We need to start slow and consider making those rice crispies into rice kernels.


Product Suggestions:

When it comes to sensitive skin, your skin care products should be simple and effective with gentle calming ingredients. We recommend that our clients start slowly to repair and regenerate a potentially compromised or disrupted skin barrier, often caused by irritating ingredients that have broken down the natural health of the skin.

Product Recommendations:

There are too many ingredients that dry out the skin and leave it lifeless and dull. It is particularly important to choose products that mimic the lipid structure of your skin so you can maintain and improve its texture and protective layer.

  • Cleansing – dermaviduals® Cleansing Milk with DMS (Dermal Membrane Structure) is ideal for sensitive skin as it mimics your lipid structure. Often with very sensitive skin, this is the number one place to start.
  • Toning – depending on the sensitivity, the cucumber in our Face Tonic is refreshing along with D-Panthenol, which increases the skin’s receptivity for further treatment. As the skin becomes healthier, the barrier function of the epidermis becomes stronger and smoother and needs the enhanced penetration of essential vitamins and ingredients that this toner provides.
  • Moisturizing – dermaviduals® offers a beautiful Base Cream for sensitive skin that is designed with high concentrates of Urea for sensitive, itchy, irritated skin.
  • Makeup – Purity of ingredients is the key when it comes to make up for sensitive skin. Ingredients need to be checked. Stay away from dyes, silicones, fragrances, talc just to name a few.

The Results

Nervous from a previous negative laser experience at another major spa and very sensitive skin, we took it very slow to test my skin. To my delight we were able to carry on and after 5 Skin Rejuvenation treatments, my skin was smoother, lighter with a more even tone. After using the products, my skin is no longer dry.

 Heather Craig

I’ve always had very red skin and lots of brown spots, giving me an uneven blotchy skin tone. Wanting to prepare my skin for my son’s wedding, Susan started me on the products to restore a healthy skin before we started and after 4 Skin Rejuvenating treatments and 2 facials, I no longer need to wear makeup to cover the unevenness and I have a beautiful glow. I’m very happy  with the results and I’m going to keep going until my larger brown spots are gone.

Sandy Topilko
Being self conscious with extreme redness and pigmentation for many years, I rarely went anywhere without makeup. With cost considerations, my discomfort with anyone touching my exposed skin issues and frankly not believing that anything would change, I agreed to trying the dermaviduals® skin care line.
Susan’s compassionate and personal concern for my feelings was the reason I agreed to my first facial (amazing) and a series of Skin Rejuvenation treatments.
I am thrilled about the results!
At age 66, for the first time,  I was receiving compliments from family, friends, complete strangers telling me I had such beautiful skin!
Any considerations I had previously, have since completely vanished!
I can’t thank Susan enough for her support and encouragement.
Carole Picard

Before coming to Temple of Beauty, I avoided taking pictures due to my acne. Being acne-prone and having stubborn skin, Susan recommended two products: Plutioderm® Plus (moisturizer) and Suusmoon® Lotion N (toner). Within just one week, my skin was feeling fresh and people had started complimenting my skin. My clear skin has given me more confidence and I feel that I don’t need makeup to cover up my skin and no longer need to hide. As well, having very dry lips I tried the dermaviduals® lip balm, and the next day they were completely hydrated. I’m sold on dermaviduals®.

Roxanne Olsen

I have had a number of facials prior to Temple of Beauty and I always would break out after.  With the regular facials at the Temple of Beauty, I don’t breakout anymore and my skin is looking better and better.

Dagmara Chapman

A co-worker of mine has been going to Temple of Beauty for facials and skin rejuvenation and I have been watching her skin transform with no pigmentation, younger looking and with an amazing glow. I have since become a client of Temple of Beauty because of troubled skin and have been exceptionally pleased with the knowledge and care I have received for my skin.


What’s Next

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