Rosacea and Red (Vascular) Skin Treatments & Skin Care

Vascular, red, rosacea skin may be caused by:

  • Thin and damaged skin
  • Flushing
  • Extreme temperature changes (cold, steam, hot)
  • Diet (spicy foods and alcohol)
  • Inflammation (reactive to many things, especially synthetic ingredients)
  • Genetics (predisposition)


How to counter these effects:

  • Rebuild skin (thicken the skin so that the vascular effect does not show through)
  • Support your vessels so they don’t dilate as much (rebuild connective tissue)
  • Form strong anti-inflammatories by using essential fatty acids that can be metabolized in skin
  • Repair the ‘natural skin barrier’ (preventing foreign particles from entering and triggering an immune response and ensuing inflammation)
  • Protection against UV radiation, spicy foods, hot and alcoholic drinks, extreme temperatures.
  • Ingredients to stay away from: emulsifiers, polyethylene glycols (PEG), perfumes and essential oils that are sensitizing, alcohol concentrates more than 10% in cosmetics, mineral oils, dyes to name a few.


Which treatments we recommend:

  • Our Introductory Facial Packages: Using the non-invasive OBSERV device, we can look beneath the surface of the skin to see how much inflammation and vascular volume there is, the oil content of the pores, the dry areas, texture and sun damage. With this information, we can work on a plan to turn these issues around for a clearer complexion. Next, an in-depth consultation will allow us to discuss and take a close look at your history of skin care rituals and products, health, habits, and lifestyle to see where adjustments and suggestions can make a huge difference. Following these two crucial assessments, a facial will treat your skin and target exactly what you need to focus on to reduce inflammation, even acne, and move towards a healthier complexion. Finally, a treatment plan customized to your needs will be provided that outlines our recommendation for products and frequency of future facials.
  • Facials: Rosacea skin needs special attention to reduce inflammation and bacteria in the skin. Gentle exfoliation and bio-identical products are used to avoid skin irritations, dry, flakey, and highly
    sensitive reactions. Special attention is given to calming and reducing inflammation. Each facial is customized with your specific concerns taken into consideration for the improvement and health of your skin. It is highly recommended for best results to have regular facials with the appropriate home care routine to correct and maintain optimum skin health.


Product Suggestions:

Eliminating harsh and irritating ingredients is an essential first step to improving rosacea and vascular skin. There are ingredients that can trigger inflammation and irritation that make rosacea and capillaries worse. Using products with nature-identical vegetable oils and essential fatty acids, makes your skin happy and respond accordingly. We use products and treatments that support and nourish, creating healthy, vibrant skin.

  • Cleansing – Mild is the keyword for cleansing. Your cleanser must be gentle: it should not irritate and dry your skin, and it should be effective in removing oil build up and dirt from the day. Our cleansers mimic the lipids in your skin that help to calm, restore and repair the top protective layer.
  • Toners – are essential to calm, hydrate and increase the absorption of the nourishing moisturizing products that follow. If there is severe sensitivity, then less is more and you can always add to the home care routine. It is essential to use products that prevent skin impurities and light forms of acne while simultaneously not drying out the skin. Calming and non-irritating Cucumber and D-Panthenol are excellent choices to have in your toner.
  • Moisturizers – need to be nourishing, calming, and supporting - free of perfumes, emulsifiers, mineral oils, and silicones. They should also have the right balance of moisture and acne healing salicylic acid if acne is present. Fatty acids, ceramides, and phytosterols in combination with saturated phosphatidylcholine and triglycerides have skin-identical physical structures and excellent tolerance properties. Through this routine, you will be repairing and restoring your protective layer from the outside in. See our before and after’s as rosacea can be beautifully treated.
  • Makeup – so as not to irritate the skin, similar considerations apply for foundations. Titanium dioxide and silicic acid and mica are appropriate pigments to use.


Benefits of our Rosacea treatment and dermaviduals® skin care plan:

  • Soothes, calms and cools irritated skin
  • Reduce Redness
  • Moisturizes without hurting
  • Smooths and nourishes the skin
  • Increase the immunity of the skin
  • Stabilize skin barrier to decrease inflammatory processes

What’s Next

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