My Skin Care Journey & Turning 55 Years Old

When I started Temple of Beauty 15 years ago, my passion was to have nice skin.  Its has been a journey and now just turning 55 years old, I am in a reflective mode of the different phases us women go through.

From age 15 to 30 I had a full on acne. I called my skin, pizza face.  I loved sitting in the sun as it dried my skin and camouflaged the blemishes.  Of course no sunscreen and even using a sun lamp from the drug store that I fried my skin with a few times. Yes, OMG what was I thinking!! I had no idea the long term affects of such abuse.

By age 30 my skin calmed down but I had scarring (as  I had to pick at my skin) and pigmentation from acne.  As well as the odd beak out and a lot of congestion (white bumps under the skin). Then in my later 30’s I was noticing some changes around the eyes, fine lines started to accumulate and brown spots were changing their size after being in the sun.  My skin was often flaky (dehydrated) especially in the winters yet still oily.  Doesn’t sound lovely – does it?

Then in my 40’s I noticed a lot less freckles and larger brown patches after being in the sun. The fine lines were getting more pronounced.  Skin tightness wasn’t too bad but seeing slight sagging. Then in my later 40’s and going through menopause, the lines were more visible and ‘anti-ageing’ was my friend.

Well, now in my 50’s and through menopause, it’s full on damage control of my past in the sun, diet, and ageing.  Did you know, we lose 30% of our collagen and elastin in menopause?

I turned 40 when finished esthetic school and started Temple of Beauty.  So I was on a journey to get help for my skin and help as many other people as I could.  I set my intentions of what I wanted in a skin care line and to turn my skin around.

Three things I was looking for in a skin care line:
1.  Integrity – within the skin care company from the founder down to the distributor.
2.  Purity – in ingredients as there are so many product lines to choose from.  I wanted the line to be as pure as possible for all of our skin. This been a big education and passion on my part.
3.  Results – I wanted to see results in my skin and for anyone I was going to recommend the line to.

I have a couple of sayings “Age is something you don’t appreciate until its gone” or “Youth is a gift, age is an art”…. then I am a full on artist!  I do tell my 50 year old counterparts or anyone, that when we are 70 or 80, we will wish we had our 50 year old skin. Like a plant, we are a living organism and our cells are constantly growing and shedding.  When we get our summer flowers or any plant for that matter, if we put in the right light, feed it the right amount of water and nutrition, the plant will be healthy and robust.  If we don’t feed it properly or put it in the right light, the plant will definitely show it. We can feed our skin cells the nourishment it needs to be supple, smooth and radiant.  I have found a skin care line that has been outstanding for many skin conditions and disorders, let me show you how you can turn your skin around too!  It’s my passion!

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