Hair Removal


Say goodbye to unwanted hair growth on all body areas. Elos technology is a safe, effective and gentle hair removal treatment that will work on most hair colors and skin types. See our website or in-house brochure for specific information.

                                   Individual             Package Price
                                        Price                Buy 5 get 1 free      

Brazilian                         $249                          $1245

Upper Lip                       $55                             $275

Chin                                 $60                            $300

Upper Lip / Chin           $95                             $475

Underarms                     $90                            $450

Bikini                               $90                            $450

Bikini / Underarm         $169                          $845

Extended Bikini             $149                          $745

Bikini/Inner Thigh         $189                         $945

Neck front or back        $125                          $625  men with heavy beard


Recommend:   6 Treatments 3-7 weeks apart to destroy the hair root





“At age 28, I started laser hair removal at Temple of Beauty in August, and after 4 treatments I had a winter destination wedding. To my complete excitement, this was the first time in 8 years that I felt comfortable wearing a bikini. Feeling comfortable in my own skin was more rewarding than I could have imagined.” – Emily











100% natural ingredients with no chemical additives and no harmful side effects. This unique product will not burn, nor lift, and will not break down the connective tissue of your skin. This treatment is extremely sanitary, leaving the skin soft, silky and healthy. See website for more information.


Brazilian                    $92

Bikini                          $42

Brazilian Upkeep     $79 within 6 wks

Ext Bikini                   $58

Eye Brow Shaping   $29

Upper Lip or Chin    $22

Face                          $52

Underarm                 $32

Recommend:  With each new hair growth to weaken the hair root.