If you are new to facials at Temple of Beauty, it is our recommendation to best serve you with our Introductory Facial Package.

As a loyal client, receive a FREE Cleanser and Moisturizer,
when you purchase a package of 5 facials.
That’s a value of up to $188!




Too much sun? Concerned about UV damage and aging skin?  This is the facial for you!  We custom this facial to your skin needs with antioxidants to stop free radical damage that ages your skin. Included is a soothing and hydrating mask to  calm any irritation and sensitivities, leaving your skin glowing and healthy.  Preserve and prevent is the answer.

60 minutes  | $145  | Great after any sun vacation or monthly during the summer months.



This express facial is designed to give you a quick improvement or introduce you to our offerings.  With your present skin condition in mind, we will select the appropriate mask, while  you relax with a luxurious hand and arm massage. The focus is to loosen unwanted skin giving finer pores and a smoother fresh glow to your complexion. Great for those on the go or problematic issues needing attention.

Daily home care with purity of ingredients will continue this glow.

35 minutes | $89 | Best results: For an obstinate skin condition, weekly or monthly



With special attention to you and your skin, you will receive the finest treatment. With everything the Glow & Glow Facial offers, we add two more essentials; luxurious ‘actives’ needed for optimal care to your skin. Plus a shoulder, neck and face lift massage to melt away any tension. With six different masks to choose from, you will be nourished while relaxing in a hand and arm massage. This facial treatment will effectively also gently smooth away unneeded dead skin and soften fine lines. Relieving irritated, inflamed or oily skin, you will leave with a healthier, more radiant appearance.

Daily “actives” in your home care, are essential to renew your journey to healthier skin.

60 minutes | $145 | Best results: 1 treatment every 4 weeks

“My first facial at Temple of Beauty and I was thrilled to experience no burning as I have had at other establishments – a first for me.” –Fahra Goa


The premium of facials, incorporating an additional mask and using first class techniques, your skin will be renewed.  Together we can determine your ultimate results with all we have to offer you. By eliminating dead skin, infusing powerful nutrients, stimulating collagen and promoting new, yet healthier cell growth, your skin will glow with radiance and luminosity giving you a younger complexion. The best part is that it continues to work after the treatment, creating healthier skin.

Include dermaviduals® home care for powerful results in each facial.

90 minutes | $195 | Best results: 1 treatment every 4 weeks


The DF (Dual Frequency) machine is the most effective machine in the world for enhancing penetration of nutrients into the skin up to 400%.  Including this in your facial treatment will stimulate maximum thickening of the skin, normalize and improve collagen and elastin, better control of pigmentation and proper oxygenation of your skin. Great for any complexion showing aging and ideal for sensitive skin types.


  • Blemishes
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Skin laxity
  • Fine lines
  • Diffused redness
  • Superficial scarring

Included in your facial price, the DF Machine can be added to either the Advanced Renewal Facial or the Supreme Restore Facial.